Media Release

30 May 2020 

‪The Berejiklian Government last night used the cover of darkness to slash the wages of more than 400,000 people across NSW.‬

‪This includes the hard-working men and women who keep our trains, schools and hospitals clean, the paramedics and nurses who put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe, the police on the beat, and many more.‬

‪Ms Berejiklian did this by trying to sidestep parliament through overruling a legally mandated pay rise.‬

‪But despite her tough talk on workers’ pay, the Premier has failed to put in place the same restriction on raises for members of Parliament.‬

‪Labor Leader Jodi McKay vowed the Opposition would move to restore workers’ wages.‬

‪“This is an irresponsible decision by a Premier and government that cannot manage the Budget or look after the community at this critical time,” Ms McKay said.‬

“A pay cut to more than 400,000 workers living and working in every suburb, town and village across the State will have a massive knock-on effect in every local economy, causing massive job losses and hardship” — Jodi McKay MP, NSW Labor Leader

‪“More than ever, we need to get more money into our shops and businesses everywhere, saving existing jobs and creating new ones.

‪“This is an act of gross economic vandalism. It will set back the economic recovery in every local community these workers live in. By cutting their pay, workers will be able to buy less goods and services from local businesses, which in turn will suffer further economic hardship.”‬