Media Release

19 December 2018

The NSW Energy Minister has today criticised the Federal Liberals’ policies on energy and climate change, but his critique confirms that the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government has no policies of its own.

Instead, Mr Harwin can only point to plans to have a plan which contain no commitment to invest in or to deliver clean and cheaper energy or to tackle the challenge of climate change.

Mr Harwin’s opinion piece in today’s Australian Financial Review shows that the Liberal and National parties – in government in both NSW and Canberra – have no plan for energy and are at each other’s throats.

Daley Labor will re-regulate the retail electricity market, which will bring household electricity prices down.

The ACCC recommended a range of measures, including many put forward by Labor since September 2017, which would reduce average household and small business power bills by approximately 24 per cent.

But the Berejiklian Government has refused to commit to this re-regulation.

Skyrocketing power prices are due to the Liberals and Nationals privatisation of electricity and the de-regulation in 2014 of retail prices.

Average household power prices have increased by 60 per cent since 2011, including up to 20 per cent since Gladys Berejiklian became Premier. Don Harwin refers to his clean energy action plan and a recent plan for pumped hydro but there is no commitment to actually deliver any part of them.

Labor has committed to using part of the proceeds of the Snowy Hydro sale to ensure that there is sufficient investment in new, renewable energy projects to ensure our State has the energy it needs as our ageing fleet of coal-fired power stations retire over the next ten to fifteen years.

The Liberal’s stated objective of net zero emissions by 2050 is undermined by the fact its policy lacks any clear roadmap to delivery.

Labor will have bold plans for the transition to cleaner, cheaper electricity for NSW which will drive the cuts to emissions. 

Quotes attributable to the NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley

“The Berejiklian Liberal Government has no answer to skyrocketing power bills, or how to transition NSW to cleaner and cheaper energy, and to start addressing climate change.

“Instead of developing positive policies of its own, the Premier and her government have today attacked the Federal Coalition Government. While I agree with many of those criticisms, the fact is that when Canberra lets you down you have to deliver for your State and Gladys Berejiklian has failed this State.

“For eight years, the Berejiklian Government has had just one energy policy – privatise and deregulate – which has caused skyrocketing prices for households and businesses.

“NSW Labor has committed to re-regulating retail electricity prices, but the Liberals have refused to do so.”

Quotes attributable to the Labor Leader in the Legislative Council and Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change Adam Searle:

“The legacy of this government is out of control electricity bills for households and businesses, caused by privatisation and deregulation, and a failure to deliver investment and construction of new, renewable energy projects.

“As a result, not only is our State now at risk from ageing, coal-fired power stations but we are also missing out in investment and job opportunities that comes with renewables.

“A Daley Labor Government will deliver strong action on climate change, led by significant measures to transition the state to cleaner and cheaper energy.”