Resources and Industry

The Resources portfolio concerns minerals, mining and exploration (including coal seam gas mining), the resources regulator and other resources and mining consumers, landholders and community interests.

The Industry portfolio concerns matters of business in NSW – imports, exports, growing buying opportunities, increasing business investment, supporting business capability around the state to thrive and supporting job creation and people working in NSW. It’s about innovation, productivity and growth in NSW business and industry.

As NSW Shadow Minister for Resources and Industry, Adam Searle contributes to the development of statutes and regulations in these areas and raises resource and industry and matters in motions, questions and debates in the NSW Parliament.

“NSW Labor supports the creation of communities in which citizens have a healthy environment with clean air, clean water, safe food, abundant wildlife and green space. NSW Labor supports policies which will improve living standards, create jobs and encourage sustainable industries. In regional areas NSW Labor will aim for regional delivery of natural resource management consistent with national priorities for sustainable development, sustainable agricultural practices and opportunities for new industries. NSW Labor supports strong measures to avoid dangerous climate change. Labor will put climate change at the heart of our commitment to deliver jobs, innovation and investment to build a prosperous, safe and fair NSW.” – NSW Labor policy on Industry, Resources and Energy

The NSW Department of Industry provides government services in the areas of trade, business and investment; education and training; lands and forestry; liquor and gaming; primary industries, food and water; and racing. Visit for access to information and services.

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For annual Resources statistics published by the Australian Government’s Office of the Chief Economist, visit their website.