Any power outages that occur today will be the responsibility of the NSW State Government due to its failure to ensure stable and secure electricity supply for the people of NSW.

The Liberal National Government – in which the Premier Berejiklian has always been a senior Minister – sold all the publicly owned electricity generators, so the State Government no longer controls any direct supply of electricity to the community.

When the Government sold Wallerawang power station in 2013, it failed to obtain a guarantee of supply from the purchaser, who promptly shut the station. The power it used to generate would have more than made up for any shortfall today.

The NSW Government has also failed to grow renewable energy as a greater share of the State’s energy mix, going backwards to less than 11 per cent of the State’s energy in the most recent Renewable Energy Action Plan report in 2015.

Increased renewable energy would add to the overall energy available in NSW, and would also have bridged any gap in supply we face today.

NSW has the lowest share of renewables of any state in Australia.

Last year’s State Budget, handed down by Gladys Berejiklian as Treasurer, had not one dollar of investment in renewables.

If the Liberal National Coalition had done its job properly over the last six years, we would not be facing a potential significant shortfall of electricity supply today.


10 February 2017