Media Release

4 September 2017

The NSW Opposition says the Premier’s announcement on energy rebates is a bizarre attempt to hide the fact her Government is putting electricity prices up – by 20 per cent.

Household bills are going up by an average $300 this year – for small business it’s around $900. In the highest taxing State in the country.

ALP Leader Luke Foley MP says Ms. Berejiklian must think families forget she and her Government went to court – to force the Australian Energy Regulator from cutting electricity prices.

Then her State Budget cut millions of dollars from a rebate program for vulnerable customers.

Mr. Foley said he doesn’t know how she has the hide to call today’s too-little-too-late announcement a comprehensive scheme.

Because vouchers for a cheaper fridge won’t solve the problems of millions of people facing ever-increasing electricity bills.

Mr. Foley announced in his Budget Reply speech that a NSW Labor Government will re-regulate electricity pricing. Now AEMO, the Australian Energy Market Operator, and even the Federal Energy Minister admit he was right – if the electricity companies don’t do the right thing, they need to be forced by law to do it.

Quotes attributable to NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley:

“The Premier has the hide to claim this will help vulnerable families. Offering vouchers for discounted electrical appliances is bizarre in the extreme.’

‘The real problem is that the New South Wales Coalition government has completely lost control of electricity prices – families are facing record bills, at a time of record taxes.’

‘We’ll protect the vulnerable – the people this government left to freeze in winter and now who face a sweltering summer because they can’t afford to turn on their electricity.’

Quotes attributable to Shadow Energy Minister, Adam Searle MLC:

‘The three companies that supply power to 90 per cent of the State are banking huge profits. Families seem to be an afterthought for the Berejiklian government.’

‘We have a clear plan to bring electricity prices back under control. The voucher system and other measures revealed today do little to solve a much bigger problem.

‘This is the ultimate cynical band aid. And it displays no understanding of the extent of the problem – or approaches anything like a solution.’