Media Release

22 June 2018

The Berejiklian Government has failed to deliver a plan in the budget for NSW to secure a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy supply as the ageing fleet of coal-fired power stations becomes less reliable and efficient.

In previous Budget papers, the Liberal National Government had at least claimed to be:

“Supporting… renewable energy projects across New South Wales.”

In Tuesday’s Budget[1] there was not even this brief mention.

Labor recognises the immediate need for more energy generation that can reliably contribute towards meeting demand, to avoid a repeat of the widespread blackouts and major power outages last year in NSW.

Labor will:

–          Use the proceeds from the transfer of the Snowy Hydro to invest in new renewable generation projects across regional New South Wales;

–          Provide a fair minimum solar tariff – so that households with rooftop solar are paid fairly for the power they generate;

–          Legislate for a fair IPART recommended rate to become mandatory; and

–          Massively increase solar energy generation on the rooftops of government buildings.

Quotes attributable to Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council and Shadow Minister for Industry, Energy and Resources Adam Searle:

“The Berejiklian Government has dropped the ball on renewable energy for NSW. There is no plan provided in the Budget papers.

“The Budget has no money for new investment in renewable energy projects.

“This government is content to sit back and leave everything to the market – the market that has failed to provide adequate investment in new electricity generation capacity, the market that has delivered skyrocketing household and business electricity bills as a result of the Liberals’ and Nationals’ privatisation and deregulation of the energy market in this State.

“There is an immediate need for more energy generation that can reliably contribute towards meeting demand and only a Labor Government elected in March 2019 will take active steps to achieve this.”


[1] Budget Estimates 2018-2019, Budget Paper No. 3, p7-3, 7-5, 7-8