Media Release

5 May 2020

Labor says the Berejiklian Government is in chaos as NSW Parliament prepares to meet next Tuesday for the first time in seven weeks, without an agenda, without any legislation, and with the Government’s Parliamentary manager Andrew Constance preparing to resign.

Manager of Opposition Business in the Legislative Assembly Ryan Park said: “One week out from the return of Parliament and the Berejiklian Government has no agenda, no legislation and now the bloke running the show is preparing to jump ship. It’s chaos.

“The Deputy Premier keeps threatening to quit, the Manager of Opposition Business and Transport Minister is quitting, Minister Sidoti has been sidelined, and Don Harwin’s been sacked. Does anybody want to stay in this government?

“The Berejiklian Government should be working with the Parliament, so that next week we can deliver the reforms needed to provide relief from the COVID-19 pandemic to the people of NSW. Instead the Berejiklian Government is spending more time fighting about their own jobs.”

NSW Labor Leader in the Legislative Council Adam Searle said: “Next Tuesday the Parliament will sit for the first time in seven weeks, but the Berejiklian Government has no plan to provide relief from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have important work to do, like reforming the building and construction industry to prevent another Opal or Mascot Towers debacle. But instead of making important reforms like this, the Berejiklian Government is rushing through millions of dollars in new development and construction.

“This is why the Berejiklian Government must put the Parliament of NSW back to work on a regular basis. Because one-off days, with no plan, no agenda, and no legislation are not good enough. The people of NSW deserve a government that is working for them, not itself and big developers during the COVID-19 crisis” — Adam Searle MLC, NSW Labor Leader in the Legislative Council