Media Release

27 November 2018

NSW Labor says the Berejiklian Government’s key initiative to “ease cost of living pressure” is nothing more than a cheap gimmick that won’t make a real difference for NSW families struggling to pay for electricity.

Today Shadow Minister for Energy Adam Searle responded to the Premier’s stunt re-announcement that the Government will set up desks at Service NSW to “ease cost of living pressure”.

Electricity bills in NSW have continued to climb since the Liberal Government sold off the electricity network, including the power generators, and took the Australian Energy Regulator to court to keep energy prices higher so they could fatten the pig for market when they sold the electricity networks.

In the eight years since the Liberals came to power, electricity bills have skyrocketed by up to 60 per cent, including up to 20 per cent since Ms Berejiklian became Premier.

Annual average increases of $320 for households and $920 for small businesses were felt, with many paying much more.

Labor has a real plan to make electricity affordable and will re-regulate the electricity market to help households and businesses struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living under the Berejiklian Government.

The ACCC has costed re-regulation of the energy retail market as saving 24 per cent off the average household power bill with small businesses expected to achieve similar savings.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy Adam Searle:

“There are already free services out there for consumers. If the Premier wants to do something real to ease cost of living pressures on families and businesses she should join with Labor and commit to re-regulating the retail market – as the ACCC, farming, welfare and consumer groups have called for.

“The ACCC has said re-regulation of the retail market will save average households up to 24 per cent off their annual electricity bill. Labor has committed to this. The Premier should too.

“This is nothing more than a gimmick; they want you to go to a public servant at a desk so they can tell you how much more you’re going to pay on electricity bills.

“Families need a government that takes real action – such as re-regulating the electricity market.”