Media Release

17 February 2019

Michael Daley and Labor will mandate a target of 50 per cent local content for major state government contracts, as part of Labor’s plan to support NSW workers and local industry.

Labor will start by creating a new Act that will require local jobs and content be written into all government procurement documents for the first time – ensuring that the local economy is at the heart of major projects.

It will also empower a minister to declare any government project valued at more than $50 million “Jobs Significant” – the trigger for the 50 per cent mandate to kick in.

After eight years of the Liberals and Nationals sending jobs and contracts overseas, Labor is putting local businesses and workers first. Currently there is not a single mention of jobs in Berejiklian-Barilaro government procurement framework documents.

Announcing Labor’s Local Jobs First plan at the Country Labor launch in Nabiac, NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley said it was time that government looked after workers and businesses in NSW.

“Labor can and will do so much more to help local workers and industry. After years of seeing jobs and work going overseas Labor will reverse that trend. A government I lead will put local jobs and industry first.

“I want to support the people who are putting their faith in this state, who want to live and work in NSW,” he said.

The Berejiklian and Barilaro Coalition government has not just ignored regional NSW – it has insulted them. Not only has it spent $2.2 billion on Sydney stadiums, it has signed contracts for trains and buses to be made in China, Spain and South Korea resulting in the loss of more than 1500 manufacturing jobs.

Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park said a Labor government will assess every contract on how it can deliver more jobs locally.

“The NSW State Government has tremendous purchasing power at its fingertips and a Labor government will use that power not just for the good of workers but also for business and industry,” Mr Park said.

Labor is also committed to improving educational opportunities; in the past week it has announced that a Daley Labor government will offer 600,000 fee-free TAFE places over the next decade to people wanting a qualification in areas where there are skills shortages such as childcare, aged care, disability care, construction, plumbing and the electrical trades.

Labor will also create a special unit in the Department of Industry to assist small to medium sized businesses in how to meet the new government tendering process, and to identify opportunities for expansion and investment off the back of government work.

Shadow Minister for Industry Adam Searle said: “Government has the power to use its might for the greater good. By working with industry to create those opportunities, everybody wins.”

Shadow Finance Minister Clayton Barr said the days of actively sending work abroad  – as the State Government did with a $100m IT contract that resulted in the loss of 300 jobs – will end under a Labor government,

“Never again will we see a government stipulate that a condition of winning a contract is that a third of jobs must go overseas. We want to support people not send them to the wall.”