Media Release

19 February 2019

Up to 13,485 new energy jobs will be created in regional NSW under Michael Daley and Labor’s plan to create a clean energy industry boom in regional NSW.

This industrial boom would be driven by Daley Labor’s policy to build the equivalent of nine new power plants in NSW over the next decade.

This will happen because Daley Labor has different priorities to the Berejiklian Government. For example, Daley Labor won’t splurge $2.2 billion of taxpayer money on Sydney stadiums.

Daley Labor would create 9 gigawatts of new renewable energy generation and storage through a combination of rooftop solar, private sector contracts and a new state owned renewable energy company.

This is enough electricity to power more than 3 million homes.

It is estimated this would generate more than 13,000 new clean energy jobs, the majority of which Mr Daley wants to see in regional NSW.

A Daley Labor Government will provide a price guarantee to the private sector through a series of competitive tenders and long term contracts – known as reverse auctions which drive the price of new-build renewable energy down and reduce the price of electricity.

Announcing the policy today, NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley said the commitment to guarantee pricing gave the private energy sector the confidence to invest in NSW and create thousands of new jobs.

“I want to make NSW a global leader of the clean energy industry. I want NSW workers and families to reap the benefits.

“But we can only do that if we don’t waste precious taxpayer on Sydney stadiums. I will send a message to the energy sector that a NSW Labor State Government will back them and guarantee a market.

“The clean energy industry will continue to grow in Australia and the world. By seizing on this opportunity we can create jobs and an industry that will last for generations.”

Shadow Energy Minister Adam Searle said that based on a similar scheme the move could create 13,485 jobs, attract $9.5 billion in capital investment and deliver $5 billion in economic benefits to the regional NSW economies.

As well as creating a jobs boom, this will push down electricity costs and reduce emissions by 14 per cent.