Media Release

9 February 2019

Full-time Minister for Fake News and sometimes NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet spent today concocting another series of desperate falsifications and silly rhetoric to try and mask his government’s appalling record on energy policy.

Today, Michael Daley and Labor announced a positive policy to cut household electricity bills and carbon emissions with Labor’s commitment to help 500,000 homes get solar power, which will take NSW to having over 1 million solar households.

While the Liberals enlisted the Minister for Fake News to deliver another fake news blast, the facts are that the NSW Liberals and Nationals:

  • Privatised the electricity generators in NSW and claimed that this would bring down electricity bills across NSW. Electricity bills in NSW since 2011 have now risen on average by 60%;
  • Gave Liddell power station away to AGL for free and sold Vales Point power station at Lake Macquarie for just $1 million;
  • Wasted the proceeds of the sale of Ausgrid Energy on a series of bungled infrastructure projects and gargantuan cost blowouts including on the Sydney Light Rail, (supposed to be $1.6 billion, now heading for $3 billion), Westconnex (was supposed to be $10 billion, now nearly $20 billion), and the Sydney Stadiums splurge of $2.2 billion;
  • Deregulated the NSW electricity market, which allowed electricity companies to charge whatever they wanted for electricity;
  • Instituted the One Click Switch gimmick, instead of joining with Labor to re-regulate the NSW retail electricity market, for which the ACCC, farmers, welfare groups, and consumer groups have all called;
  • Have failed to take meaningful action on climate change. Leading members of the government, including the Minister for Fake News and sometime Treasurer are climate change deniers;
  • Failed to spend  even a dollar on bringing forward investment in new renewable energy projects and actively worked to throttle the wind industry;
  • Supported expensive and outdated nuclear power. The Minister for Fake News and sometime Treasurer’s good mate, the Deputy Premier, has repeatedly stated his support for nuclear power for NSW.

Michael Daley and Labor have a positive plan for cheap, clean, green and accessible energy for all of NSW.

All this tired Liberal and National government has is fake news and a now infamous and likely unlawful dirt file. The people of NSW deserve better.