Media Release

17 May 2016

The NSW Labor Opposition today called on Roger Massey-Greene, the Chairman of State-owned electricity companies Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid, to explain his position on climate change or resign.

This follows a report that in 2009 Mr Massey-Greene widely distributed climate skeptic material by email.

The Premier must explain whether he sought clarification from Mr Massey-Greene before appointing him as the Chair of Networks NSW and whether he agrees with the material circulated with the email.

Mr Massey-Greene was appointed as Chair of Networks NSW by the Liberal Government in 2012. The appointment was made by cabinet on the recommendation of Mr Baird, who was Treasurer at the time.

Labor Leader in the Legislative Council and Shadow Minister for Energy Adam Searle today said:
“It is disturbing that anyone in a position like his, which bears so closely on the issue of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, can hold climate skeptic views.

“If these are not Mr Massey-Greene’s views, he must say so today.

“If Mr Massey-Greene is a climate change skeptic then his position as Chair of NSW’s publically-owned electricity businesses is untenable.

“He needs to clarify his views or resign immediately.

“While Mr Massey-Greene is entitled to his personal views, these companies have indicated they take climate change and the need for them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions very seriously.

“Having a climate skeptic Chair poses serious reputational risk for the companies and suggests that despite what they say in public they do not take climate change seriously.

“If Mr Massey-Greene won’t resign, the Baird Government needs to sack him.

“Failure to do so would mean that everything Mike Baird and his government says about addressing climate change is a complete sham.”