Media Release

8 February 2018

NSW Labor has today introduced reforms allowing for all delivery drivers to be protected under NSW Industrial Relations laws.

Currently, drivers carrying bread, milk or cream for sale are exempt from protections under the Industrial Relations Act.

Labor will reform the Act so basic industrial rights and protections are provided to workers involved in the delivery of bread, cream and milk.

Member for Campbelltown Greg Warren has introduced the Bill to the Legislative Assembly today. Mr Warren has been championing the case for drivers exclusively delivering bread for Tip Top in his area and who have experienced deteriorating pay and other conditions, such as working hours.

Labor’s Bill will allow owner drivers engaged as contractors for the delivery of bread, cream or milk to formally engage in the industrial relations system in this state, which will protect and improve the working conditions of those drivers and, in turn, improved road safety for all road users.

Quotes attributable to Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council and Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Adam Searle:

“Delivery drivers of milk, bread and cream have gone without rights for far too long.
“It is a fundamental cornerstone of any fair society that all citizens should be treated equally under the law – whether that is criminal law, civil law or in this case industrial law.

“Labor’s Bill will strengthen the industrial relations system in New South Wales.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Campbelltown Greg Warren:

“Drivers in Campbelltown delivering Tip Top bread, and all delivery drivers, should be afforded the same basic industrial rights as anybody else delivering other products.

“As a former truckie myself I know that truck driving can be an incredibly dangerous line of work.

“The inherent danger and risk involved in truck driving is precisely why it is so important that all truck drivers have strong, rigorous industrial rights and protections.”