Media Release

14 March 2020

The NSW Labor Opposition has labelled Environment Minister Matt Kean’s supposed announcement this morning of a net zero emissions target as ‘disappointing’.

“Every element of this package has been announced in the past – they have just been rebadged and repackaged. These measures will not cut emissions by 35 per cent by 2030. Mr Kean had a golden opportunity to announce new measures. This is just disappointing — Adam Searle MLC, Labor Leader in the Legislative Council and Shadow Minister for Climate Change and EnergY

The target announced today by Matt Kean is not even a hard target. The Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said during Budget Estimates this week that the government’s emissions targets were ‘aspirational’ only, language Premier Berejiklian has also used.

“There is no real commitment to tackling climate change, or to giving NSW the economic opportunities that would come with doing so”, Mr Searle said.

Matt Kean’s lack of ambition stands in stark contrast to the policies Labor took to the last election. Labor’s plan for renewable energy alone would have seen a $9.5 billion investment in new and cheaper energy over the next decade, seeing NSW’s energy capacity double.

Matt Kean’s policy is for $2 billion, with no clear plan what it will be spent on.

“Labor’s plan would generate nearly 14,000 direct jobs, and many more indirect jobs. Mr Kean says he will only provide 2400 jobs over the next decade”, Mr Searle said.

“On every measure, this is a disappointing announcement, with no ambition and no detail.”

“By contrast, Labor’s plans were detailed and achievable, aiming to cut emissions by 45 per cent on 2005 levels over the next decade.”

“The longer the Berejiklian Government takes to begin real action on climate change, the longer it will take to cut emissions and energy bills, and give NSW the massive economic benefits that will come with decarbonising the economy.”