Media Release

17 November 2020

NSW Labor’s amendments to the Government energy sector reforms will guarantee local jobs, industry development and export opportunities flow to workers and businesses in New South Wales.

The Government’s energy sector reforms have been bolstered with a series of amendments by Labor to mandate local content requirements, compel local procurement and the expansion of education and training opportunities for apprentices and trainees.

Labor’s Deputy Leader Yasmin Catley was quick to point out that the Government’s original Bill failed to guarantee a single local job with the renewable energy infrastructure touted by the NSW Government.

“Labor believes strongly that with any boom in renewables there must be a boom in jobs. We can’t import all the materials and components for the renewable energy boom and cut local workers and industry out.”

Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Adam Searle said: “We must build, design and engineer these projects here. We need to employ local people and ensure the highest possible quality in the construction of world-class energy infrastructure.”

Labor’s Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Paul Scully MP, reiterated the importance of engaging with local suppliers and using local materials in any energy infrastructure boom.

“The Government’s proposals did not contain its much talked about steel mandate but with Labor’s amendments means more Port Kembla steel is used in new renewable energy projects that will power the economy of the future,” Mr Scully said.

Labor has also delivered two new Renewable Energy Zones over and above the zones which had already been announced by Liberal Government.

A new Renewable Energy Zone in both the Hunter-Central Coast region and the Illawarra will ensure existing electricity infrastructure and manufacturing industries are able to adapt and expand to meet the needs of the renewable energy sector.