Media Release

6 June 2018

In an historic move, NSW Labor has successfully moved a censure motion against Don Harwin as Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council over the Berejiklian Government’s failure to comply with the orders made by the Upper House to release critical documents. The vote was carried 21-20.

The documents are the business cases behind the $2.3 billion stadiums plunge and the $1.1 billion move of the Powerhouse Museum, and the Tune report into out of home care.

It is the first censure against a NSW Liberal-National Government leader.

“This is historic and is about the integrity of the Legislative Council to hold the government to account,” NSW Labor Leader in the Legislative Council, Adam Searle MLC said.

Mr Searle accused the Berejiklian Government of operating under a cloak of secrecy when it comes to important matters of the state including where and how it spends billions of dollars on its wrong priorities of stadiums before schools, hospitals and other vital services that are needed across the State.

The secrecy in refusing to release the important document further highlights how Berejiklian Government has the wrong priorities.

Quotes attributable to Labor Leader in the Legislative Council, Adam Searle MLC:

“The Berejiklian Government just does not want to let the public know what they’re up to. It is addicted to secrecy.

“Instead of building multi-billion dollar private pleasure palaces, it should be making sure our kids’ schools are properly repaired and that our communities have the hospitals they need.

“This government is being held to account by the Parliament, which has voted to give them another chance to do the right thing by 9.30 this morning.”