Media Release

5 March 2020

The NSW Labor Opposition has welcomed a move to halt the closure of one of the wards at Maclean Hospital but has demanded a guarantee it will remain open indefinitely.

Last month, Shadow Health Minister Ryan Park spoke out with angry residents against plans to close an entire ward at Maclean Hospital. Now in a major backflip, it’s been announced that decision has been deferred and a Maclean Community Advisory group will be established to provide engagement around health services in Northern NSW.

Mr Park said the decision must to be permanent to give the community piece of mind.

“The victory will help the hospital address growing health needs on the North Coast now and in the future. But we’ve only won the battle, the war isn’t over, this ward must remain open for good.” Mr Park said.

Shadow Minister for the North Coast Adam Searle vowed to continue to advocate for health services in Maclean.

“This is a win for the Maclean community and one worth celebrating. But we must remember this decision has only been halted.  I will continue working with Mr Park to ensure this ward isn’t closed” — Adam Searle MLC, Shadow Minister for the North Coast

Despite the good news in Maclean, the Government’s $252 million health cuts continue to place enormous pressure on 220 hospitals across NSW this year.

“During last year’s election campaign Gladys Berejiklian said there would be no cuts to hospitals, and that NSW could have it all. This is just another broken promise from a Government that says one thing and does another,” Mr Park said.

“We have always said the public has a right to know the extent of these cuts. Wards should not be closed and jobs should not be lost.”