Media Release

4 May 2020

As schools return, people in NSW begin returning to work and restrictions on socialising are eased, Labor is calling on the Berejiklian Government to put the NSW Parliament back to work on a regular basis.

Manager of Opposition Business in the Legislative Assembly, Ryan Park, said: “It’s time to get NSW Parliament back to work developing and scrutinising legislation to help get people and businesses through this pandemic and back on their feet.

“If Gladys Berejiklian is happy sending teachers and students back to school, and easing social restrictions then what is her excuse for keeping Parliament closed?

“Ms Berejiklian must put Parliament back to work. Sporadic, one off days don’t provide our State with the governance it needs during this pandemic.”

Mr Park indicated that Labor would negotiate with the Government on Parliament sitting with reduced numbers and would be constructive on legislation, but would insist on Question Time being held.

“Question Time is the cornerstone of Government accountability in NSW. Ms Berejiklian must not hide behind procedure, her Government must answer the Parliament’s questions about the COVID-19 outbreak and recovery.”

NSW Labor Leader in the Legislative Council, Adam Searle, said: “At the moment the Berejiklian Government is only planning to bring Parliament back for one day. That’s not nearly enough.

“People in NSW deserve action on rental relief and building reform; they deserve answers about the Ruby Princess and Newmarch House debacles. The work of the NSW Parliament must continue” — Adam Searle MLC, NSW Labor Leader in the Legislative Council

“We were elected to do a job. The NSW Parliament should be setting an example of how to operate in this new environment,” Mr Seale said.