Media Release

2 August 2019

Labor Leader in the Legislative Council and Shadow Minister for Planning and Better Living Adam Searle today announced that the NSW Labor Opposition will move amendments in the NSW Parliament to end the Liberals and Nationals’ spot rezoning scheme.

Mr Searle said that the Government’s Planning Legislation Amendment Bill, which is currently being debated in the Parliament, was a missed opportunity to address one of the most contentious parts of the planning system.

Spot rezoning, also known as a Pre-Gateway or Rezoning review, was introduced by the Liberals and Nationals in 2012 and allows developers to appeal directly to the state government to override a ruling made on a development by the local council with which they disagree.

“The Liberals have rigged the planning system in favour of big developers at the expense of ordinary people and public amenity,” Adam Searle said.

“We will shut the developer’s backdoor into the planning system and treat communities and local councils with the respect they deserve.”

Labor will maintain existing processes to consider proposals which are state or regionally significant. Councils will still be able to submit zoning proposals to the Department in line with existing practice.

“It is time to end the overdevelopment madness and restore sanity to the planning system in NSW,” said Mr Searle.