New South Wales Labor says the Liberal Government has proved itself hopeless on renewable energy following the release of its latest report today.

The Government’s 2016 Clean Energy Action Plan, shows the growth of renewable power has fallen well behind the governments own targets and that could lead to energy shortages in New South Wales in the future.

The government figures show the proportion of renewables in NSW has barely grown over the last few years – a net one per cent increase since 2013.

The government had said it wanted renewable energy to contribute 23.5 per cent of the state’s power by 2020, but on these figures that target won’t be reached until 2047 – 30 years away.

That’s at a time when the portion of energy sourced from coal is declining because of the age of coal fired plants.

This will expose NSW households and businesses to an energy crisis, because all our main current power sources – the coal fired power stations that now provide around 80 per cent – will close over the next twenty years.

Without replacement power, household and businesses will face skyrocketing electricity prices and supply shortfalls.

The Berejiklian Government has no plan to replace those power sources when they close.

During last year’s Budget Estimates, the NSW Government could not say how much they were investing in renewable energy or on which projects.

Renewable energy projects are the only ones that are financially and environmentally viable.


Quotes attributable to Labor Leader in the Legislative Council and Shadow Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy Adam Searle:

“The Liberals and Nationals are laggards on renewable energy.

“It’s also clear Premier Gladys Berejiklian has no plan for energy security in this State.

“This is an energy crisis in the making. Coal fired power stations will close over the next two decades and the Government has no plans to replace them with any new power supplies.

“No one is proposing to build new coal-fired power. Only renewables are financially and environmentally viable, but this government has allowed NSW to fall well behind.

“Without replacement power, household and businesses will face skyrocketing power bills and no security of supply.

“Why can’t the new Premier and her trainee Minister tell us what their plan is?”


12 March 2017