Media Release

20 March 2019

Last night more than 30,000 Sydney homes were left without power after the Liberals’ privatised electricity network blacked out.

Families were left sitting in the dark, cell phone towers switched off, and traffic lights blacked out in peak hour, risking road safety.

Labor’s energy spokesperson, Adam Searle, said NSW families are paying the price for the Liberals’ privatisation agenda.

“The Liberals promised a privatised power network would be better for NSW, but it isn’t. Not only have we seen blackouts under the Liberals, but power process have also risen by 60 per cent in NSW.

“The NSW Liberals are addicted to privatising productive NSW assets – and it’s leaving NSW worse off.”

So far they’ve privatised:
– NSW’s electricity generators
– NSW’s  poles and wires
– NSW’s  coal fired power stations
– NSW’s  buses and ferry services
– NSW’s Lands Titles office
– NSW’s major ports
– NSW’s water infrastructure
– NSW’s TAFE campuses

The Liberals privatised the scandal-plagued Northern Beaches Hospital, and along with the Nationals tried to secretly privatise five more regional hospitals.

“What will the Liberals and Nationals privatise next? Which one of their rich mates will they sell your local hospital, or your kids school or TAFE to next?”

The Liberals are selling off public assets in order to pay for their $2.2 billion stadium splurge.

“The only way to put an end to the Liberals’ sell offs is to vote for Labor on Saturday. Labor will keep public assets in the publics hands. Labor will deliver for our schools and hospitals and Labor will stop the $2.2 billion stadium splurge.”