Media Release

1 November 2019

Planning Minister Rob Stokes and his NSW Liberal and National colleagues have given a local applicant a licence to build as much as they want in the Macarthur – opening the door for others to follow suit.

In 2015 the state government announced 35,000 new dwellings would be built in Wilton, Gilead and Menangle Park as part of the Greater Macarthur Land Release (GMLR).

Recently an applicant sought to increase the number of dwellings it intends to build in Menangle Park by about a third – a request that was endorsed by the Campbeltown Local Planning Panel last week.

Appearing before budget estimates, Shadow Minister for Planning and Better Living, Adam Searle asked the Minister whether the 35,000 dwelling cap for the GMLR, still applied.

Mr Stokes replied the 35,000 dwellings was a just a “predicted yield” and the “nature of planning laws” meant that number could go up or down.

“Theoretically a range of things could happen”, Mr Stokes added.

Mr Warren said it was shocking yet not surprising this state government has yet again failed to accompany any forecasted urban growth without a plan or one dollar for additional schools, road, rail or services that future residents will need.

“While the housing yield in Menangle Park could be increased by a third, we know the applicant really wants to increase that number by about 75 per cent,” Mr Searle said.

“If other applicants followed suit that could result in 60,000 dwellings being built as part of the Greater Macarthur Land Release.”

Mr Warren added: “What good is a plan if you can’t execute it?”

“Residents in Macarthur deserve certainty – but under the NSW Liberals and Nationals that will never happen.

“The Minister has effectively told applicants that they can do whatever they want and Macarthur residents will have to just deal with the consequences.

“This decision sets a precedent not just in Macarthur, but right throughout the state – including Western Sydney.”