Labor has recommitted its support to growing the renewable energy sector in NSW.

Just 14.1 percent of homes across the state have solar panels compared to 22.5 percent in Western Australia and 28.8 percent in South Australia, according to ABS data.

In 2015, Labor promised it would give the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal the power to set a mandatory minimum feed-in tariff the energy companies would be required to pay.

A draft proposal released yesterday from IPART has suggested to retailers a higher feed-in tariff rate of 11.6 to 14.6 cents per kilowatt- meaning 350 000 solar energy homes could soon be paid twice as much for the power they export to the grid.

Labor will also ensure energy companies only charge on a ‘net metering’ basis to ensure solar energy households receive full credit for their contribution.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy Adam Searle MLC:

“The increase in the solar tariffs also reflects the rising cost of power bills, meaning more people should be encouraged to invest in rooftop solar technology. Those with rooftop solar currently make a significant contribution to meeting our shared energy needs.

“NSW lags behind the other states and territories when it comes to installing solar panels on homes and it just isn’t good enough.

“NSW Labor will continue to campaign to increase the proportion of our energy that comes from renewable sources, and fight for a fair deal for those with rooftop solar.

“The Liberal and National Party State Government have done nothing to ensure households with rooftop solar get a fair deal. Liberal and National Party MPs voted in Parliament against Labor’s plan for “net metering” that would have ensured solar households got full credit for the power they generated, but have no plan of their own.”


2 May 2017