Media Release

16 April 2020

NSW Labor has cautiously welcomed a review into the confusing, overlapping and difficult developer contribution system that has plagued communities throughout the state for far too long.

The complications surrounding developer contributions have spiralled out of control under the NSW Liberals and Nationals for the past nine years.

The ability for developers to adequately estimate their contribution is difficult given there are two types of infrastructure contributions that councils administer and five types across the planning system.

Labor Leader in the Legislative Council and Shadow Minister for Planning and Better Living, Adam Searle, said in the interest of councils, developers and communities, there needed to be more transparency.

Shadow Minister for Local Government and Western Sydney, Greg Warren, said a more transparent system would also provide communities with more certainty.

“Developer contributions are typically used to fund infrastructure to support growth – and it is appropriate that developers contribute to this infrastructure,” Mr Searle said.

“A streamlined system of consistent and predictable contributions would assist the private sector and provide more of the certainty they need to do their part of the task in providing homes for the next generation.

“This review should not just fall back on the approaches of the past, but explore innovative solutions, including whether contributions should be made from the uplift in land value arising from major infrastructure projects or rezonings” — Adam Searle MLC, Shadow Minister for Planning and Better Living

“This could be shared by local councils and the state government to underwrite their respective obligations to provide the social and other infrastructure that communities need to be more liveable.”

Mr Warren added: “a more transparent system would provide communities with more certainty and confidence – something they have been crying out for for the past nine years.

“Western Sydney is a great example of infrastructure not keeping pace with development.

“The government has allowed development after development to occur yet hospital waiting times continually blow out, schools are falling apart and public transport is grossly inadequate.”