Media Release

5 October 2019

NSW Labor welcomes the review of the operations of the Independent Planning Commission.

There is a crisis of confidence in the current planning system.

The events of yesterday which saw an approval granted for the Rix’s Creek Continuation Project only for it to be withdrawn a matter of hours later due to an “administrative issue” relating to the assessment process does nothing to address concerns about the operation and resourcing of the Commission.

In recent months the Deputy Premier, proponents, investors and community members have all expressed concerns about the operation of the assessment system whether it be in relation to resources proposals or metropolitan planning decisions.

NSW Labor has long held concerns that the Independent Planning Commission has not been adequately resourced to undertake the assessments expected of it.

This review should provide an opportunity for a full examination of the Commission and its resourcing.

The review should be conducted openly and transparently and if it is found that additional resourcing of the Commission is needed for it to do the job expected of it the Berejiklian Government should extend these resources immediately to begin the process of restoring confidence in the assessment system.