Media Release

16 February 2019

NSW Shadow Minister for Energy Adam Searle has doubled down on Labor’s commitment to re-regulate electricity prices and provide 500,000 solar panel rebates following reports today that people have been stung by soaring summer power bills.

Average household power prices have increased by 60 per cent since 2011, including up to 20 per cent since Gladys Berejiklian became Premier.

While households and small business suffer from high electricity prices the Liberals and Nationals have sat on their hands.

The Liberals and Nationals can splurge $2.2 billion on Sydney stadiums but they can’t assist NSW residents with electricity price hikes.

Skyrocketing power prices have been driven by the Liberals and Nationals privatisation of electricity and the de-regulation of retail prices in 2014.

On average households could expect to save up to $1000 each year* off their electricity bills under Labor’s solar plan.

“Labor will re-regulate power prices to push them down and deliver clean affordable energy for half a million households across NSW,” Mr Searle said.

“For eight years, the Berejiklian Government has had just one energy policy – privatise and deregulate – which has caused skyrocketing prices for households and businesses.”


*Source: Smart Energy Council